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Sunday, June 12, 2011

T Mobile Coverage | Lowell ZBA Delays Cell-antenna Bid

LOWELL — The city’s Zoning Board of Appeals final night behind statute on T-Mobile’s offer to put unit antennas on tip of the town H2O container at 78 Wedge St. and asked the firm to pay for an eccentric examination of its plan.

ZBA members told the telecommunications firm that they wish explanation from an unbiased source that there is truly a cellphone coverage hole in the area surrounding the H2O tank.

Some house members moreover mentioned they wish to find out if the draft site could assimilate similar antennas for two extra users, that is compulsory for cell-tower proposals beneath the city’s zoning ordinance.
Representatives for T-Mobile who were present final night mentioned they did not have the control to consent to profitable is to peer-review study, but would look for that skill and inform back to the ZBA at its next scheduled discussion on June 13. At that time, the parameters for what the counterpart examination would concentration on could be more evidently defined.

Andrew Thompson, a real-estate dilettante for T-Mobile, moreover emphasized the firm has no control on either the town decides to franchise extra space on top of the H2O container to other telecommunications companies.

The City Council voted Jan. 18 to franchise the space on the H2O container to T-Mobile for 5 years with the chapter that the firm pay the town $1,800 a month with a annual escalation of 3 percent.

In new weeks, Highlands residents have advance to the City Council and orderly

Three of the ZBA’s 5 choosing by casting votes members mentioned they had major questions about the Wedge Street offer and two indicated they would be hard-pressed to encouragement the plan.
ZBA associate Vesna Nuon mentioned he was anxious the draft place is in the heart of a residential neighborhood. He moreover mentioned he was disturbed that if T-Mobile’s request was granted, it’s expected other firm would advance back in months and inquire to co-locate unit antennas at the tip of the H2O tank.

“I regard you should look at other options,” Nuon mentioned to T-Mobile.
The communications firm countered that fixation antennas on an existing make up is sufficient reduction forward in a village than installing a new tower.

T-Mobile seems to need an extreme amount of unit towers in the city, mentioned ZBA associate Corey Belanger. He sharp out that the communications firm has a building roughly every 1 to 1.5 miles opposite Lowell.

The telecommunications firm has unit antennas at 1221 Westford St., 204 Liberty St., 106 Marginal St. and 900 Chelmsford St., amid other places in the Highlands. The firm is moreover conducting an eccentric counterpart examination for its offer to franchise home from the town at 363 Boston Road to erect a 150-foot unit tower.

“It is apropos a bit sufficient when you are inundating our neighborhoods with these towers,” Belanger said.
State Rep. Kevin Murphy, a Lowell Democrat who represents the Highlands, mentioned there have been no complaints of bad T-Mobile coverage in the area. He highlighted that he and a organisation of local residents tested T-Mobile gadgets in assorted tools of the village final week and had burly accepting signals on the phones and successfully finished calls.

Steven E. Grill, a counsel for T-Mobile, mentioned the tests Murphy conducted were anecdotal and the communications firm is focused on enhancing coverage for users inside their homes.
Marion Dodge, a ZBA swap not long ago allocated by City Manager Bernie Lynch, was the usually associate of the ZBA to voice encouragement is to proposal, mission the H2O container “a great site.”

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